Extra Large Jug Rinser

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Clean your used milk jugs in seconds with the Tiamo Jug Rinser Extra Large. Featuring an efficient water jet, a generous drain size, and the ability to be embedded directly into your bar, it’s an efficient tool that busy cafes will love.

The Tiamo rinser blasts the walls of your milk jugs with water to thoroughly rinse the walls from milk, coffee, or other residues in just 2-3 seconds. This allows you to use the same jug over and over again without having to run to the washing sink to clean after each latte. The rinser’s generous drain size reduces the risk of blockage over time and speeds up draining.

This extra large rinser size is not only great for rinsing jugs, but it’s large enough to act as a sort of satellite sink for when you need to drain liquids and a full sink isn’t easily accessible.

Installing the device is simple and quick enough for any cafe manager with just a few minutes, since it connects directly to your espresso machine’s water supply.


Width - 24cm x Length - 50cm